May 28, 2007

"Tree of Woe" -Art Jam

My contribution to "Practise Makes Perfect" -Art Jam. :)

The Tree of Woe... I never have time to just doodle on my own for fun, only for commissions nowdays. This was a fun little thing to scribble during my 30min lunch-break at work.

Kept things rather simple, since the focus is on the expression, which came out a bit uneven in my opinion. was fun and looking forward to next artjam. :)

click on image to enlargen it.

May 15, 2007

Queen Angella & Duncan

A picture of Queen Angella meeting Duncan.
Very simple image, but it does showcase my two styles....sorta.

Angella is done with loose sketchy-manner, which was my style early in my day, and Duncan is pencilled tightly in a pristine-manner, with no line-weight variations, almost like an animation-cel.

Queen Angella's re-design by Nathan Baertsch.

(click image for larger view)

May 11, 2007

Cammy in Filmation style

Thought I'd draw Cammy from Street Fighter II in a western style animation, and Filmation came to mind immediatly. :)

Any suggestions who I should draw next? Chun-Li?