Aug 6, 2008

He-Man Comic Colouring Assistance

My friends know that my dream came true as a He-Fan, when I got to voice King Miro for the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon from Mike Young Productions 2002-2004 (finnish dub).

Well I have been a big fan of the He-Man comic by MVCreations and was sad when the comic and toon ended.

A great opportunity came to me, when Val Staples, the writer/colourist of He-Man comic and onwer of MVCreations contacted me to do some colour assistance on a project called "Episode 40" which is the unproduced script from He-Man cartoon, as they were doing an comic-adaption of it to go as Special Feature to the He-Man DVD Volume 3 released on August 5th.

The Comic can be found as readable PDF on the DVDs Special Features, AND if you happen to buy the DVD from Best Buy store, there will be a Printed version of the comic packed with, which is SO AWESOME.

Art by: Emiliano Santalucia
Colour (gray figures) by: Val Staples
BG Colour by: Jukka Issakainen :)

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe © 2008.